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What is Open Graph Meta Tag Analyzer Used for?

Open Graph Checker is a Free SEO Tool used to quickly analyze any specific web page (simply paste the URL you want to analyze) and it displays the Image, Title, Description, and Type in the result Box.


What is an Open Graph?

Open Graph Checker allows users to see what data Facebook stores about them. Facebook uses an open graph protocol to share info like your likes, interests, and activities with other websites and apps. 


This is helpful to advertisers who want to target ads based on your personal profile. You can use this tool to find out all the third-party sites that have access to your personal data. Also, you can use it to control whether these companies should be allowed to use your data.


How do you test Open Graph on Facebook?

Facebook provides the Open Graph protocol, a set of rules for developers to use when creating applications that are integrated with Facebook. For example, open Graph lets developers create applications that display information about users' friends, interests, and networks. 


Open Graph helps people find information about your apps and share content easily across Facebook. If you want to see how your page is performing, check out the Insights tab on the Admin page of your app.


What are Open Graph tags?

Open graph tags are special meta tags that describe web pages and help search engines understand what the page is about. Tags should only be used for descriptions and not replaced by keywords. This allows the webmaster to provide a detailed description of the page in a single tag.


 Open Graph tags that you should add to your web pages

  • og:title – Is the OG tag that determines the title to be displayed.
  • og:image – Is the OG tag that specifies the URL to the image that is to be displayed.
  • og:type – Describes the type of post, e.g., website, article, or video.
  • og:description – Corresponds to a short description (1 – 2 sentences) of the displayed content.
  • og:url – This contains the URL to the linked post.


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