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How do I find the location of an IP or Domain?

To find the location of an IP / Domain, you can use the IP Lookup & Domain Location free tool.


Can you find an IP address from the URL?

Yes. An URL consists of two parts: the protocol and domain name. The protocol specifies how the data should be delivered over the Internet. For example, would tell Google to deliver all the webpages that start with "HTTPS". The Domain Name identifies the destination website. So means that you're going to


What location is this IP?

Example: This IP address belongs to the hostname "" This is a server located in the US, and the ISP - Hostinger International Limited.



Can a website be traced?

Yes. With just a few clicks, anyone can look up who is visiting any particular website. Web sites can use several methods to protect themselves against such snooping. One method is to use encryption, which scrambles data before sending it across the Internet. 


Another method requires users to provide identification, such as a password. Still, another method is to route all traffic through a server outside the country. Many companies use a combination of these methods to make sure that they are not subject to hacking attacks.


You can use Domain to IP free tool to find the IP address and location of the domain name you want to check.


How do I search for a domain name?

You can use our Free Domain Search Tool. Type in the domain name in the search box and click on "Search" 

It will take you to a page where you can enter the domain name. If there is no registration info yet, it will show you how much would cost to purchase the domain.

Also, you can use a domain generator, whois information, reverse IP lookup, domain location, and DNS lookup. 


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