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What is Domain Authority score?

Domain Authority is a metric used to rate the quality of a domain. It is computed based on how much authority sites like Wikipedia have over other sites. 


The Authority is calculated based on how authoritative a site is compared to others, using complex formulas that consider multiple variables. While there is no official threshold for what constitutes a "good" domain authority, there are some rough guidelines that provide some insight into whether a site is worth considering for purchase or not. 


If your domain authority is above 100, then you should be able to get an excellent deal. However, a good domain authority doesn't guarantee that you'll be successful; the key is to do your homework and pick a domain name that fits well with your business.


Domain authority is one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking a website on Google

High domain authority will help your website rank higher in search engine results pages, leading to more traffic and potential customers. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to determine a website’s domain authority.


The Domain Authority Checker is a free tool that allows you to quickly and easily determine a website’s domain authority. The tool uses data from Moz, Google, and Alexa to calculate a website’s overall domain authority score. If you're interested in checking out your own website s domain authority, or if you want to find out what your competitors are doing, the tool can help you determine a score for your website.


What is a good Domain Authority score?

Domain Authority is the metric used by Google Search to rank websites. It ranks a site's authority within the context of a given topic or category. As a general rule, a domain authority of 1 is considered low quality, and 100 is considered very high quality.


How to improve your Domain Authority?

You need to create unique content, add links to reputable sources, get backlinks, and use keywords in your meta descriptions and titles to improve your domain authority. So the first step to improving domain authority is to start creating unique content. 


This means you need to write content relevant to your site. If your page does not provide any new or original information, it will not help Google rank it highly. Next, you should focus on building links to your site from other sites. 


Links from other websites mean that they think your website is valuable. These links act like votes from the community saying that your site is worth visiting. Finally, make sure to optimize each page on your website. Use keywords in your title tags and meta description, and try to use these keywords throughout the body of your text.


How Do I Check Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a metric used by Google to rank websites. According to Google, "Domain Authority is a ranking measurement derived from domain analysis and combines the authority of the website's domain with the authority of the pages within that domain."

Domain Authority uses data gathered from over 200 million sites and then applies algorithms to determine how authoritative each page on a site is. 


This score allows webmasters to accurately assess how much traffic they should expect from a particular site. Each month, Google releases new DA scores for all domains in the index. 


If your website is brand new, it may not yet have any pages indexed by Google, and thus no DA score. 

To calculate your DA, visit and click on the Calculate button.


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